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  • Immediate notification and ongoing detection of  DPIPs and FPPOs.

  • Have access to the only and most comprehensive DPIP database in South Africa (we even have SA Royal Families and SOE Board Members).

  • Ensure you are screening against the most up-to-date records and data. Our DocFox Watchlist is compiled from volumes of research and is updated daily.

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DocFox-Purple Group

"In terms of our watchlist screening FICA requirements, we require a really stable and robust service. We use DocFox in our Easy Equities brand as it’s crucial for clients to be able to get onto the platform as quickly and effortlessly as possible while ensuring we are still compliant."

Justin Pearse, Purple Group

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Understanding the importance of DPIPs and the role they play in the FIC Act

"Former Mayor of Nketoane Municipality and accomplices sentenced for fraud." "Asset Forfeiture Unit attaches...

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The most comprehensive DPIP database in South Africa

When discussing Anti-Money Laundering there has always been the concept of a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) which recognises that people in positions of power are..

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Understanding, Identifying and Working with DPIPs and FPPOs

In this blog we will be looking into another concept that has been enhanced under the amended act, this being Prominent Influential Persons (PIPs) and Politically Exposed...

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